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Falcon Investments is a client focused, results driven firm!

The most precious asset we hold is our clients’ trust, and we know trust must be earned.
We’ll go that extra mile to earn your trust!

Falcon Investments


Our Pledge to Clients

Your Goals Are Our Priority
Each client is unique and will receive personalized attention. We will focus on helping you clarify, communicate, and accomplish your goals. The solutions and strategies implemented are simply a means to that end.
We Provide the Highest Standard of Care
Only the highest standard of care—a fiduciary standard—is acceptable for every client interaction and we always put your interest above our own.
Risk Management Is Our Main Concern
The risk of loss should always take precedent over seeking maximum gain. We will provide solutions to better manage investment risk and help you avoid poor decisions driven by emotion.
Independent Financial Advice
No one tells us what’s right for our clients–we’ll decide that together with you.
Full Disclosure
If we cannot remove all conflicts of interest, we will fully disclose them to you.
Dedication and Hard Work
We will never take for granted the fact that clients trust us with their hard-earned assets. We will take time to listen to you, answer questions, respond quickly, and always do the job to the best of our ability. Your trust and respect is cherished, and we will continually work to earn it.
Asset Security Is Our Priority
Falcon Investments will never take title of you assets. Your assets are held in your name by an independent custodian to ensure their safety. Our qualified custodian is TradePMR who uses First Clearing Corporation for all clearing and custody services. First Clearing is a subsidiary of Wells Fargo and is used for clearing and custody services in Wells Fargo accounts. Both TradePMR and First Clearing are insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).
Commitment to Education
We maintain the necessary knowledge and skill to provide services to each client and continually educate ourselves in all financial aspects. We have a commitment lifelong learning and professional improvement.
Each relationship with a client is built upon that of personal trust and confidence. We will protect each client’s privacy and not disclose any confidential information without the consent of the client.
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