Falcon Investments Offers New Online Investing Service

March 18, 2015
Seth Waller

Hassle-Free Investing

Online Investing with Salisbury NC Financial Advisor

Falcon Investments has teamed up with Betterment Institutional to offer a new online investing service in North Carolina. On March 1st, Falcon Investments officially launched eFalcon Advisor–a service that combines the convenience of online investing with expert advice from a local financial advisor.

With eFalcon Advisor you can open an account, set investment goals, receive customized advice, and a globally-diversified portfolio tailored to your risk and time horizon—all in 5 minutes or less. The platform takes the guesswork out of investing while a financial advisor provides you with advice and help as you need it.

I created eFalcon Advisor to make it easy for investors to take action and start investing” said Seth Waller, founder and President of Falcon Investments. “Taking that first step is so important—yet I’ve found that the high account minimums and hassles of working with a traditional financial advisor made it so difficult to get started. I believe in the convenience of online investing, but know the significant value a financial advisor brings to the table—eFalcon Advisor offers that unique combination.”

“We’re excited to have eFalcon Advisor on our platform,” said Jon Stein, founder and CEO of Betterment Institutional.  “Seth is a forward thinker—he understands that technology is a tool that simplifies investing for clients, while providing a level of sophistication unmatched by traditional financial advisors.”

For more information on eFalcon Advisor and learn how easy it is to get started, visit the website at www.efalconadvisor.com. You can contact Seth Waller at (704)-603-4177 or [email protected].