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Get Your Retirement Back On Course

401k management at Falcon Investments in North Carolina

Is Your 401(OK)??

Have you been ignoring your retirement account at work? We offer a 401k management service where we can manage your account for you. We can do this without rolling over your account–we manage it from inside your plan at work. No hassles involved!

Some of the Company and University Plans We Can Manage

Falcon Investments is not endorsed or recommended by these companies or universities.

Individual 401k Management by Falcon Investments

As an individual 401K, 403B, or 457 Retirement Plan participant, employees may be able to utilize a “brokerage window” allowing access to professional money managers and an investment advisor, tailoring customized portfolios with greater investment options and increased flexibility.

Your “brokerage window” is a brokerage account that allows you or your designated Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and representative to invest your existing 401K, 403B, or 457 balance into a range of investment options not offered within the standard menu of plan investment options. The best part is that your investments stay within your 401K, 403B, or 457 plan.

With the guidance from a financial advisor at Falcon Investments, a Self-Directed Brokerage Option can be a good solution for investors who want investment advice as well as a coordinated road map with the other assets and financial concerns that comprise their complete financial plan.

This investing service is for people who:

  • Want professional investment help with 401k, 403B, or 457
  • Are not happy with current investment returns in plan
  • Concerned about making mistakes with retirement accounts
  • Not satisfied with limited investment options inside plan
  • Looking for ways to grow and protect your investments
  • Do not currently rebalance or review your retirement plan
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