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Investment Process

Personalized diversification to improve returns and lower risk.
We understand that everyone’s situation is different and take into account your unique situation and risk tolerance to build you a personalized portfolio based on your life and your goals. We will help you choose the right portfolio and guide you through the noise to determine and implement the optimal investments for you.
Financial Advisor in Salisbury North Carolina

Unique Investment Strategy

Meet long-term goals and take advantage of shorter-term opportunities.
We believe that creating an efficient portfolio means maximizing you potential return for each given level of risk. We construct each portfolio to accomplish this through the Core and Satellite approach. This approach is a flexible way to structure your portfolio to meet long-term goals as well as address short-term opportunities.

Automatic Rebalancing

Lock-in gains and manage risk.
We use software that monitors your investments 24/7 and makes rebalancing incredibly easy, showing us exactly what to buy and sell to realign with your target percentages. Rebalancing produces higher, more stable returns by locking in gains and managing risk. You can also add or subtract money from your portfolio at any time and we’ll show you the specific trades to make.

Actively Manage Risk

No more buying and holding.
Our portfolios are tactically managed so that they change with the changing financial markets. No more buying and holding investments and sitting tight while your hard earned money evaporates right in front of your eyes.
Actively Manage Risk-new

Reduce Investment Fees

Save money by getting “Wall Street” out of your pocket.
Maybe the high fees charged by mutual funds don’t look that damaging at first. But the fees paid to “Wall Street” compound over time and significantly drag down portfolio growth because the money you pay in fees never gets the chance to grow. We keep your portfolio fees low and transparent to make sure your money stays where it belongs, growing in your account!
Investments lower your cost in Salisbury NC

Tax Loss Harvesting and Tax Efficiency

It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep.
Did you know that taxes are the biggest fee affecting your investments performance? We monitor and capitalize on market downturns by harvesting your losses to reduce your tax bill. Also, because different types of accounts have different tax treatment (ex: Brokerage, IRAs, 401ks, Roth, etc.) and consequences we make sure your assets are invested in the correct accounts so you pay less in taxes. This may sound simple, but it’s often overlooked.
Better Investments with lower management fees
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