Introducing eFalcon Advisor

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Hassle-Free Investing

The convenience of online investing with expert financial advice from a local financial advisor. You can open an account, set investment goals, and fund your account–all in 5 minutes or less from your computer.

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Online Investing with eFalcon Advisor in North Carolina
Save for retirement in salisbury nc


Saving for Retirement Made Easy

Do you need to start saving for retirement? eFalcon Advisor will take the guesswork out of preparing for retirement by recommending a customized asset allocation and monthly contribution amount based on the age you want to retire.

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Advice Focused on You

The process starts with you. Simply tell us your age, goals, and time horizon and our platform will investment advice about both asset allocation and required savings rate. As you make progress, our advice adapts and keeps your portfolio on track.

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Financial Planning Advice in Salisbury NC

Why Invest Online With eFalcon?

We’re not just another online investing platform where you have to call 1-800 numbers to speak with a financial advisor. We believe in the convenience that online investing offers, but know the significant value a financial advisor brings to the table. All clients on the eFalcon Advisor platform get to work with a financial advisor that is based in Salisbury or surrounding areas who will get to know them, their unique situation, and goals. Call, email, or meet anytime it is needed.

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