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Retirement , Simplified.

Retirement can be challenging and downright frustrating! The stakes are too high to make errors, and the advisor you trust with your future must create a workable plan the meets your retirement goals. We offer simplified answers to complex questions so that you can reduce retirement stress, confusion and anxiety!
Retirement Planning in Salisbury NC

Retirement Planning in Salisbury

We help you get-and-stay retired.
We provide retirement planning for clients who are wondering when they can retire and would like to start proactively planning for their retirement. It covers nearly ever facet of your financial life while preparing for retirement. We’ll educate you, and illustrate how your plan works so you see for yourself rather than just “hope” you got it right. We then spend great deals of time making adjustments, running new scenarios and providing you with an understandable strategy that you can implement to achieve all of your retirement goals.
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Retirement Income Planning

Creating a reliable stream of income in retirement.
Our Retirement Income Planning is for clients who are looking to transition their wealth into a stable income stream to cover living expenses. We’ll educate you on different ways to generate retirement income, illustrate strategies for distributing your income and show you how your plan works. We then spend great deals of time making adjustments, running new scenarios and looking at additional planning you should be doing at this stage in life. We will take the guesswork out of retirement income planning and provide you with a clear strategy that you can implement to create a stable and tax efficient income stream during retirement.
Salisbury NC Retirement Planning at Falcon Investments

Retirement Plan Help

Is your 401(OK)?
Most employer retirement plans have limited investment options and leave employees on their own when making investment allocation decisions. We provide independent 3rd party retirement plan (401k, 403b, 457) reviews with the insights, education, and model portfolios to help you make your retirement plan work for you. In addition, our platform allows clients to link all of their outside retirement accounts so we can review and provide up-to-date advice on all of their investments.
Retirement and 401k help in Salisbury and Rowan County

Maximize Social Security

Over 70% of Americans do not maximize benefits…we make sure you don’t leave money on the table!
When and how you elect social security may be one of the most important decisions you make in retirement. The difference between the optimal claiming strategy and the wrong one is often hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost benefits over your lifetime. We use powerful software to analyze and lay out the different claiming strategies to maximize benefits. In addition, we can compare your options side-by-side so you can make the best decision for you family.
Get social security help in North Carolina

Pension Analysis

Showing you exactly how each “what-if” scenario would look.
Some pensions have straight forward benefit options. Others may have several options, such as: backdated benefits, lump sum vs. annuity withdrawals, excess contribution benefits, not to mention the basic survivor benefits that require you to make irrevocable decisions. We can run “what-if” scenarios to help in the decision making process.
Retirement Income and Pension help in West Rowan and Salisbury
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