Stock Portfolio Strategies by Falcon Investments

Tired of Sub-Par Returns?

Stop Using Buy-and-Hold Mutual Fund Strategies

Stock Portfolios to Improve Returns


Our stock portfolios are tactically managed and designed to improve returns while actively managing risk in your portfolio. These portfolios are built to meet long-term goals while still being able to take advantage of shorter-term opportunities.


Stock Portfolios in Salisbury NC

We Offer Two Stock Portfolios:

Growth and Momentum Portfolio

The portfolio identifies the stocks that are most attractive from a discounted cash-flow basis (undervalued for current cash flow), a good relative value basis (undervalued today), and are showing signs of improving technical and momentum indicators. These are the stocks we believe have the greatest probability of capital appreciation and outperformance over the next 6 to 24 months. On average this portfolio will hold between 15 and 20 individual stocks at a given time.

Dividend Growth Portfolio

This forward-looking portfolio attempts to identify stocks that will be increasing their dividend for the next 25 years. Our focus is not on at what the firm has done in the past—as the future is much more important.  Our goal is to avoid firms that are overleveraged and have to cut dividends to preserve cash in downturns. We do this by exploring cash on the balance sheet and future free cash flows to make sure the firm will have enough cash to pay out dividends in the future.

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